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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - President Ronald Reagan

 The Issues

Restoration of Individual Liberties

The COVID-19 pandemic showcased an overreach of government unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime. Once elected, I will continue to fight for, and support, the individual liberties that each of us has been granted within our Constitution. Decisions that impact our district, and our state, should be made by the citizens of Delaware, not the Federal government.

Fiscal Responsibility

Public office should not be a free pass to unlimited spending. As your Representative, I will work diligently to support a balanced budget and reduce state expenditures. When you pay taxes, you should have the confidence that you are going to get the greatest return on your investment.

Public Safety Advocacy

As a decorated public servant, I know what is required to keep our communities safe. We will support our law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Fire Service members to ensure our communities are well prepared and ready to respond to any emergency. We should always feel safe in our homes and in our community. Supporting my candidacy is a "win" for public safety professionals and the citizens they serve!


As the father of a Delaware educator, I have a great awareness of the challenges and concerns facing our school systems. As your Representative, we will focus on programs and opportunities to bring life-skill training to our students, while avoiding Federal government overreach. I am a firm believer that parents have the right and the responsibility to raise their children and shape their views - not a government-run educational system. Schools are there to support our children and teach them the fundamentals. As your Representative, I will continue to oppose Critical Race Theory (CRM) and other attempts at indoctrinating our most precious citizens. 

Jeff was recently interviewed by DelawareCAN. To see his responses, click here.

Small Business Support

As a life-long small business owner, I am committed to supporting entrepreneurs in the 4th District. Living out the American Dream is an opportunity that belongs to each of us, and government should not impede our individual abilities and desires to positively impact our communities. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, the generators of jobs, and make a substantial impact in our local economy. Together, we will continue to support, advocate for, and promote our local business owners. 

Election Integrity

Those who achieve elected office are there as a result of you, the voter. We must eliminate any loopholes that exist in current election law to ensure the integrity of our elections. The power belongs to the people, and not the bureaucratic elitists. I am here to serve, and I work for you.

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