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Meet Jeff Hilovsky

Faith, Family, & Freedom: A Public Servant's Quest for Excellence

My name is Dr. Jeff Hilovsky, and I am a proud candidate for the 4th Representative District. I have much leadership experience to offer as I have been a leader in the military, a small business leader, and concurrently a consultant for a major corporation. I am the husband to the love of my life Marcia for 42 years, grateful grandpa to Natalie, Jaxon, and Chloe, Carter, and soon to be...Maci. I am the father of 3 successful and respectful adult citizens, and proud of our children and their spouses.


I am a retired Air Force Reservist who served as a wartime Medical Commander for the 512 AW at Dover AFB. I am an eye doctor and proud to be an optometrist. My service to patients spans over 38 years, combined military medicine with civilian practice.


I co-founded Sussex Eye Center, a four-location practice in Sussex County, and retired as a practitioner at the end of 2021. For over 20 years, I have served as an industry consultant for as a Medical Director and Network Administrator for Vision Source. I have published medical articles in journals and am currently studying the difference between health span and life span, with interest in learning more about the disruptive new science involving treatments/cures for Alzheimer’s disease.

Being a parent and grandparent, I am impressed by the desire and extra effort our teachers produce daily to make an impact on our students. Much has changed since my generation attended school, including the influence changes in our society has had on our values. Over 5 yrs ago I recognized our schools were not integrating the traditional values most of us grew up practicing. I re-studied leadership, took several courses, read, and outlined books from great leaders. I started volunteering in the schools to present the Leadership is a Lifestyle program I designed and wrote. I currently teach as a volunteer in 3 local high schools.

For the past 23 years, I have been a volunteer member of the Sussex County Easter Seals Advisory Board, For the past 26 years, I have been a proud member of the Lions Club and serve as Scholarship Chairman. In 2022 I led a Mission Team to Chestnut Mountain Ranch in West Virginia and have volunteered there for the past 4 years. During COVID I personally raised $5,000 for the Lions Vision Research Foundation at Johns Hopkins by riding my bicycle on the Erie Canal Tow Path in NY. Last year while riding from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron across Michigan, I raised over $700 for the Lord Baltimore Lions Club Scholarship.

I stand for the Constitution and for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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  • As a doctor, I am a scientist. With that, I believe facts matter. Facts must guide decision making.

  • I believe perspective and mindset help focus decision making. I believe in a growth and opportunity for all. If we need more pie the solution is to not make everyone’s slice smaller but make the pie bigger for everyone. The center of problem solving begins with the question “how can I?”  versus “we can’t because...” I believe growth and prosperity fosters winning and abundance and destroys “average.”

  • I believe government employees are employed by “we” the taxpayers and all of us need to be gently reminded of that on a consistent basis.

  • I believe all tax dollars were created because of someone’s effort, and therefore decisions to spend every one of those EARNED dollars should never be treated like a big endless supply of OPM (Other People’s Money) 

  • I believe in reviewing policies and procedures and eliminating those not relevant or not working. Smaller, more efficient government will best serve all. Regulations are useful to guide behavior, not to stifle productive behavior.

  • I believe excessive regulation stifles innovation and destroys productivity.

  • I believe illegal drugs are like untreatable cancer.  Eventually too many good people will have a bad outcome. We must summon the courage to address the supply problem and demand problem. THIS HAS TO STOP.

  • I believe the truth is never a lie, and an excuse is not a reason. We need to return to the truth guiding our decisions by holding people accountable.

  • I believe in servant leadership, and if service is beneath you then leadership is beyond you.

  • I stand for law and order. Period.

  • I believe we all should respect the dedication and service our military and 1st responders provide for all of us all day, every day.

  • I believe in prosecuting criminals who break the laws, and innocence or guilt by a jury of peers.

  • I believe in providing law enforcement, fire service, and EMS responders the proper equipment and training needed to gain back the trust taken away by other’s words and accusations. Training is the key to sharpness, manpower and organization is the key to success.

  • I believe in enforcing the laws and applying them to all equally not just to some.

  • I believe in cash bail to reduce recurrent crime, but also understand this system deserves study.

  • I believe in everyone having access to the education the parents of our children feel their children deserve. I don’t understand how anyone could be against charter schools or school choice. Iron sharpens iron. The best schools should welcome competition, the worst schools should be devoured and remade by best practices.

  • I believe in transparency in education. We have great educators, and we have great administrators, but we need work on policies and parental control. Unleash the talented to do their job, reward initiative and innovation richly to promote motivation and success. Set and maintain expectations of excellence from staff and students. Demand a culture of achievement and excellence by partnering with parents to do so. Parents should NEVER fear the curriculum, they should help design and drive the curriculum.

  • I believe in the sanctity of life and taking the life of an unborn child at any stage is morally wrong.

  • I believe if we don’t have borders, we are a region and not a sovereign nation. Every state and every town are now a border town. This directly effects all citizens down to the local level. Our customs and mix of cultures are important to our heritage. Immigration YES...illegal immigration: NO.

  • I believe in prosecuting criminals who break the laws, and innocence or guilt by a jury of peers.

  • I believe everyone deserves respect and dignity.

  • Cancel culture is an adult tantrum, and those throwing adult tantrums must not be able to disrupt those on either side of an issue.

  • I believe our county has changed on our watch, and we need to leave a legacy of respect, dignity, integrity, and service before self. That means action and accountability for all of us.

  • I believe in passion. If we decide to stand for something...then we stand and peacefully “fight” for our beliefs.

I want to win and will represent all residents of my district, period. There are many “newcomers” among us. We must welcome them and invite them to join us as we rebuild our state and our nation.

I believe as Americans we must stand for Freedom and Liberty and recruit those of like minds to do the same.  This is the movement of our time, and our time is now. The choices have never been clearer. Please join with me and change the paradigm. I will not let you down. Together we can and MUST make a difference.

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