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JoAnn Strawser

Member of the Mission Team, Chestnut Mountain Ranch

I consider it an honor to know Dr. Jeff Hilovsky. I first knew him as my optometrist and now as a friend. His leadership abilities show his expertise in making good decisions that affect those in his care. His Christian values show through in his compassion for others and a heart that reaches those in need. He will stand for what is right and not for self-gain. 

Roger Marino

Founder, Thanksgiving for Thousands

It is my privilege to endorse the candidacy of Dr. Jeffrey Hilovsky for representative in the the 4th Republican District. 


For almost 30 years, Jeffrey has been my optometrist, friend, educational leadership champion and co-community-minded contributor to the Delmarva high school system.


A year-round community volunteer, Jeff has contributed many hours providing educational services to Delmarva's youth and to assisting the Thanksgiving for Thousands cause packing thousands of food boxes to feed the hungry.


Combining his meritorious military, medical, business, and community experience, Jeff has developed a no cost scholastic program educating high school students to live with passion, compassion, and moral conviction to do the right things where they live, work and play.  I am happy to be part of that program involving hundreds of high school seniors each year.  


I am proud to provide my personal support to Jeffrey Hilovsky in his selfless quest to devote the second half of his already productive career for the betterment of Delaware's 4th District.

Steve Reinhart, O.D., FAAO

Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Leading such varied organizations as a large, multi-location optometric practice, local community organizations, and serving as a Medical Commander for Air Force personnel, Dr. Jeff Hilovsky has developed and perfected his ‘lead from the front’ style. His ability to identify a challenge and lead his organization to develop and implement solutions is the model for leadership at all levels. Jeff has always had that unique talent to identify opportunities to overcome obstacles that others consider a “lot in life” type of situation.


 During his involvement with the local high schools, he identified an urgent need for the early development of our next generation of leaders. True to character, action was taken transforming those with minimal or no leadership skills into young leaders not afraid to lead. Jeff is one of the most experienced and effective leaders I have known in over 30 years of military service. Dr. Jeff Hilovsky brings a unique perspective and experience to the art of leadership.  His insights will be of immense value to anyone seeking to successfully lead and inspire.


His service to his patients, his service to his country, and his service to his community make him uniquely qualified to be an outstanding Delaware House of Representatives Member.  It is my great honor to call Dr. Jeff Hilovsky my friend and to strongly urge you to vote for Jeff!

Ryan Thorne, NRP

Thorne Ambulance Service, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

"Dr. Hilovsky has an incredible record of community service, leadership, and service above self. As a Paramedic, I am encouraged by Jeff's love of our public safety professionals, and all of the ways in which he is going to support and better the services provided in the 4th District. As a business owner, I know the struggles that come from being an entrepreneur. To see the success that Jeff has had in business, and his positive impact on the local economy, showcases the leadership talent that he possesses. There is no better candidate - no one more qualified - to represent the 4th District. Dr. H will listen to the needs of his constituents, and then take decisive action to bring change to the community."

Frances Charles

Sussex Eye Center, Employee

"I would like to take a moment to let you know why I feel that Dr. Hilovsky will be more than an asset to this organization.  I have worked with Dr. Hilovsky for thirteen years at Sussex Eye Center.  It is always rewarding to see that not only does he care for his patients from a medical perspective, but he has a genuine interest in them as a person as well. He has passed this kindness on to myself and my coworkers by leading us in a way that shows we are a part of his team and not just his employees.  Dr. Hilovsky carries his commitment to others into the community by addressing the needs of those from our children to our seniors.  His compassion, patience, respect, and true dedication to everything he is involved in is more than enough to consider him for this position."

Karen A. Yost

Optician, Sussex Eye Center

It is my honor to give my highest recommendation for Dr. Jeff Hilovsky for the position in the 4th District Delaware House of Representatives. Dr. Hilovsky and I worked together for 15years.  Three words that best describe his leadership style are passion, empathy, and compassion. He always did what is right for the patient.  He would share clinical updates, equipment advances, and technology advances all because he was always looking to take the best care of the patients, and his staff was a big part of that.  He has passion for whatever he pursues, and his attitude remains positive and upbeat, and that is contagious.  His favorite saying is “Every day is a Holiday; every meal is a feast.”  His compassion and empathy for patients and staff is sincere.  He always has time to listen: listen to the patient about health, family, or personal problems, and he always did the same for the staff.  He even volunteered his time after work to hold classes on Personal Finance for staff members.  We were never just employees to him, we were family as well...and that extended to the families we had at home. Dr Hilovsky had so many patients that he cared for and knew he would always ask about their families.  Now that he is retired from practice, not a day goes by that we do not get many kind complements about his expert care and kindness.  The patients miss him so much.  His kindness extended well beyond the office.  He included us in many Easter Seals community activities, and for many consecutive years “we” volunteered to pack food boxes for Mountaire’s Thanksgiving for Thousands.  He also participated in Mission trips to WV, and raised money for the Lions Club by completing long bicycle rides with his friends. To help our high school juniors and seniors, he has volunteered to  teach Leadership in three high schools for several years.  Every day he worked, we had our “morning huddle”.  I so enjoyed Dr Hilovsky giving us inspiring words every morning before we began our day, and always told us to “take the opportunity to be awesome” and “hob” a good day!  Now that he is retired, it doesn’t surprise any of us Dr Hilovsky wants to serve more.  He will be a great asset for the Delaware State House of Representatives District 4, as he cares so much about the community, and for the people. He has always been an inspiration to me an my family as well as others. He know that anyone can succeed in anything we put our minds to an he would make sure to let you know that! He is an amazing person, friend, husband, father, grandfather and a HUGE community asset! He would lead with distinction, and really do great and amazing things if you choose him! 

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